Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture creates a mutually beneficial partnership between our farm and your family. CSA members join by buying a "share" in the farm at the beginning of the season. This provides us with upfront money to purchase seeds, plant our fields, and get the season started. Once the growing season begins, members receive a weekly box containing a selection of the best crops available on the farm that week, an incredible variety that changes as the season goes on. All our produce is grown by us and is certified organic. 

By buying local and sustainably grown produce from our CSA you are ensuring your food is grown with a minimum amount of fuel and packaging. You also have the opportunity for a direct connection to the place where your food is grown and the people that grow it. 

How much is a share and how long is the season?

For our Summer 2021 share we will have two sizes for the 22 week season. Large will be $37/week and Small will be $27/week.

How much food is in the boxes?

The large size will feed a family of 4 and the small 1 to 3 people depending on your cooking and eating habits. All shares will get 7 to 10 items but large shares will receive a larger quantity of many items. For example, small shares would get 1 lb of carrots and large shares would get 2 lbs.

Where and when do I pick up my box?

We have many different pick up sites for you to choose from. We deliver to certain sites on different days and each site has specific times where you are able to pick-up your box. Once you sign-up for the CSA and select your pick-up site you will get the exact address and times when you can pick-up your box. 

Current CSA members: To access the details of your pick-up location, log into your account, click "my account" and then click "drop point details." 

What happens if I forget to pick up my box?

We always send a reminder email to you the day of your delivery but if you forget to pick-up your box contact the host of your delivery site. They may be able to set up a separate time for you to get it, but neither the farm nor the pick-up hosts are responsible for it being there after the listed times. 

We guarantee your box and any extras you ordered through the end of the official pick-up time. The pick-up time varies by site.

Can I put my share on hold if I go out of town?

Yes, you are able to put a delivery on hold for any reason as long as you make the change before the 10 p.m. Sunday deadline the week of the scheduled delivery. Putting a box on hold will move that delivery to the end of your subscription. 

To put a box on hold you need to go into your online account and go to your member dashboard where you can select the date you want to hold a delivery from.

Do you provide a newsletter and recipes?

Each week we send out a newsletter with photos and description of the weekly shares. We also provide access to an exclusive CSA oriented cooking database called "Cook With What You Have" to get you great recipe ideas for using up your share each week.