How our CSA program works

You sign-up for a subscription length of your choice ( 2, 5, or 10 deliveries) and receive a delivery of fresh, organic produce grown at the farm weekly.  Your credit card is charged for the entire subscription ahead of time, and we suggest new members to start with the smallest subscription (2 boxes) to see how the CSA works for you.  You can put a delivery on hold if you will be away as long as you do so by 10pm the Sunday before your delivery. You will always have the option to donate your delivery as well.  

Picking Up Your CSA Box

1.  Look for your name on the list that is posted at your pickup site.
2. Look to see what has been scheduled for you that day (CSA box and any add ons you have ordered.) 
3.  Sign your name in the space provided before you take your items.
-If your name does not appear on the list, please do not take anything and contact us at or at info@wobblycart.com or text 360 464 0746.
- We only guarantee pickup during the stated hours, and the hosts are not obligated to keep boxes beyond those times. No credits are issued if you are late picking up. If you think you will be late picking up, please contact your host ahead of time to arrange an alternate pickup.

CSA boxes

We send your produce in a durable recycled plastic bin that we sanitize and reuse each week. Boxes will be individually labeled. check the pickup list for your name and share size. Take the box with your name in it. Please bring your own tote bag to unload your produce into and leave our bin at the drop site. if you have ordered add ons they will be labeled for you at the drop site.

Putting a Box on Hold

It is easy to manage your account online!  If you are going out of town and would like to skip a delivery, you can do so by simply clicking on the calendar day once you are logged into your online account, and select the day you will be away. Then click the HOLD button and choose whether you would like to hold your delivery or donate it. All holds must be placed before 10pm the Sunday before your delivery. Unfortunately, we can not take last minute cancellations, but you can opt to have a friend pickup your delivery for you and try us out for a week! If you cannot have a friend pick up your delivery, please contact your host and ask them to donate your box. 


You can renew online by simply choosing the subscription length you want and pre-paying with your credit card. We also have an automatic renewal option if you would like to have the system renew you for the same subscription each time your previous subscription runs out.