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Receive a seasonal mix of the finest local produce all grown on our Certified Organic farm.

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CSA Subscriptions

Greens Share

A selection of the best greens available on the farm each week. 18 weeks from week 5 - 22 of the main CSA season.

Roots Share

A selection of the best root crops available on the farm each week. Deliveries from week 5 through 22 of the main CSA.

2021 Storage share

Our storage share is a one time delivery of hearty winter storage crops grown by our farm. Potential items include potatoes, onions, shallots, leeks, winter squashes, beets, cabbage and carrots

Summer 2021 CSA share

To purchase a CSA either choose the pay in full option (whole season) or to and pay in smaller increments first choose the size you want from the two lower choices "large-auto renews" or "small - auto renews". Then choose the billing frequency in the tab below. This will allow you to pay in 2, 4, or 6 week increments for more flexibility.